Things Not to Forget on a Road Trip

Going on a road trip this summer? It’s a great, cheaper way to see some sights without having to navigate the long lines at the airports and the fees associated with flying. Road trips give you the opportunity to pack extra stuff including food to save money while on the road.

Many people take off on a road trip and forget some necessities that really help to take some of the stress off the trip itself. Don’t forget these things when packing for your next road trip.


Whether you are a sucker for audio books or podcasts or a variety of jams, make sure to pack enough to get you through your trip. This also can include entertainment for kids in the back seat. From car games like the license plate game, to packing a portable dvd player for movies, packing enough entertainment options for everyone on the ride is important.


Don’t forget to bring a variety of snacks. This includes healthy options! Most road side stops are going to be full of chips and soda and fried delicacies, so balance out those rest stop stops with carrots and hummus or grapes and other healthy alternatives.

Pillows and blankets

Even if you are planning to stay in hotels and not camp during your road trip, pillows and blankets are necessary. To avoid fights over the air conditioning versus the windows open etc. pack blankets so everyone can be comfortable in the car at the same time. Driving also makes most people sleepy so having a comfortable place to nap in the back seat will help to alleviate grumpiness on the road.

Paper products

Spills happen, especially when driving on bumpy roads. Make sure to bring paper towels and tissues for spilled drinks and runny noses. A garbage bag is another great thing to throw in the bag to coral all of the mess that happens on road trips.

An extra set of keys

Don’t get locked out of your car on day one. Pack an extra set of keys in your purse or in your wallet because you’re unlikely to leave that in the car when running for a milkshake!

First aid kit

You’d think if everyone is sitting in one place, a first aid kit is unnecessary but even in a car minor cuts can happen. Make sure it has things to combat car sickness as well, because even those that don’t think their stomachs will be affected could be surprised what extended car travel does to them.

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