Summer in Sydney

If you have never visited Sydney before, you should be making this city one of your new year resolutions. There are few cities on earth which are as laid-back, vibrant, action packed, fun, and exciting as the largest Australian city, and whilst it might not be the capital, it is certainly one of the most important, if not the most famous.

When the clock strikes midnight at New Year in Australia, the world turns its attention to the huge firework display that regularly lights up the Sydney sky, and the centre-point of these celebrations is always the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House. Can you imagine visiting these two iconic buildings for yourself?

It’s possible, and the summer months are the ideal time to visit; remember that the Australian summer is the opposite to that seen in the northern hemisphere, so that means from November until late February, you can experience beautiful summer weather – perfect to go alongside your Sydney visit.

During this time there are countless Sydney summer events to check out, and many of them are free, or at least very cheap!

Of course, visiting the beach during this time is a fantastic suggestion, and you will find many beautiful and laid back beaches, just a stone’s throw from the main area. Check out Bondi Beach, but beware of crowds, or jump on the ferry over to Manly. Maybe you could learn to surf, or simply watch the experienced surfers do their thing!

The great thing about Sydney is that although it is certainly sprawling, it is easy to get around, thanks to a very well developed and easy to use public transport network. This means you can explore the various areas to your heart’s content, and you could even take it a step further by perhaps hiring a car and heading out into the countryside – there are many wine regions and nature trails outside of the city limits, and these shouldn’t be forgotten during your time in the city itself.

Although summer is a wonderful time to head to Sydney, it really is a year-around kind of deal, so if you can’t visit during this time, perhaps because of work or family commitments at Christmas, there is equally as much to do during the ‘winter period’. We say ‘winter’ in inverted commas, because it really is never that wintery in Sydney, and you will still be able to experience mild temperatures and plentiful sunshine.

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