Save The Cash, Travel Further!

Travel is everything; to have a passport and use it often is a gift, and something we should all take total advantage of! Of course, money doesn’t grow on trees, and there are no pots of gold at the end of rainbows, so it’s up to us to try and find some cost savings methods here and there.

Thankfully, there are a few ways you can keep cash in your bank and put it towards your annual travels; let’s check a few of those methods out in more detail.

Voucher Codes & Coupons

Downloading a voucher codes app or signing up to a website, such as My Voucher Codes, could be the way to keep cash with you, rather than spending it needlessly. There regularly deals on travel, hotel bookings and attractions on these sites, so sign up to email alerts and take advantage of any deals coming your way.

DIY Vs Package Breaks

Arranging the various parts of your break individually can often yield results in terms of cost savings, but it’s also a good idea to shop around for bargains on package deals too. If you book your break DIY, e.g. you book your plane, transfer, and hotel all separately, you can take advantage on discounts or deals on the various parts, and put together a bespoke holiday. You can even do a split booking here, e.g. booking a flight from one airport and then travelling back to another, as this can save cash. Shop around and see which way works out best.

Be Plane Fare Savvy

We have just mentioned about flight split bookings, but you can take it one step further and perhaps try and travel with just hand luggage, rather than booking a suitcase onto your journey. If you pick an airline which gives you a more generous hand luggage allowance, and you’re heading away for a shorter time, this can be a major cost saver. On top of this, remember the flying from different airports option, or you could even fly indirect, rather than direct, to see if it saves you some cash. Weigh up the difference in flight times and check out which is less cost-wise.

Be Careful When You Travel

Avoid weekends, and travel mid-week if at all possible. You could also look at return flight durations that are 8 days, or 13 days, rather than the standard 7 or 14 day returns. This can sometimes give you a cheaper airfare, and sometimes more days in the process!

Saving cash on travel is really about being careful and exploring your options; if you can do that, you will find that cash remains in your pocket, rather than in someone else’s.

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