Making Friends With Mother Nature

Australia is one of the best places in the world for camping holidays, and when you think about the landscapes, it’s no wonder!

Some of the best camping spots Australia has to offer should be on your must visit list, and you should check ahead of time whether they require you to be self-sufficient, or whether they have facilities on-site.

Let’s check out some of the best spots you might like to stay in when you camp in Australia.

Western Australia, Mitchell River National Park

If you want to head into some of the most remote territory in Australia, this particular area is for you. One of the biggest plus points of this particular site is that you will be close to a stunning four tier waterfall, and the photos you will get will surely be breath-taking. It is around 16 hours by road from Kununurra to the park, and the waterfall itself is around 6km from the actual campsite. Bear in mind that the campsite does require you to be self-sufficient to a high degree.

Northern Territory, Bamurru Plains

Just outside of the Kakadu National Park, you will find a set of idyllic river floodplains, which are ideal for a spot of glamping. If you prefer a bit more luxury to your camping holidays, this is for you, as you can stay in one of the sophisticated safari suites, rather than a tent! The area around the campsite is completely natural and basically stunning, so it is worth the extra cost.

New South Wales, Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay

For stunning beach camping, head to Booderee National Park. Jervis Bay has some of the whitest sand around, and if you head here during June/July and September – November, you may spot humpback whales. The facilities in the park are actually very high standard, so this is a good campsite for all visitors.

Victoria, Grampians National Park

If you want to sleep literally under the stars, this is the place you need to be heading, as no tent is required! Over the mountains you will be able to sleep on the ground on a rocky overhanging part of the land, and here you will see some seriously stunning stars on a clear night.

New South Wales, Kosciuszko National Park

This is the highest campsite in Australia, and that means stunning views! You can camp anywhere in the park, but the higher you go, the better the views, so head towards Mt Kosciuszko for a popular spot. There are no facilities in the park for camping, so again, you need to be self-sufficient.

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