Looking For The Ideal Get-Away-From-it-All Destination?

Not many destinations on this planet of ours can claim to be totally in the ‘get-away-from-it-all’ category. Of course, it’s normal to want to be connected via phone or Wi-Fi, but most of us crave a total rest from the stress of work and general busy life occasionally. If that’s you right now, how about looking towards an Indian break? No, we’re not talking about the hustle and bustle of Delhi, or the touristic beaches of Goa, we’re talking about the beautiful hill resort of Dalhousie.

About Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a small town located in the Chamba District of India’s Himachal Pradesh region. Dalhousie is quiet, relaxing, charming, and cultural, and there are plenty of things to see and do. The downside is that getting there can take some time, but if you really do want to get away from everything, surely that’s worth doing?

The town is ideal for those who love walking, picnics, and honeymooners who want to be cut off from everything and enjoy each other’s company. It’s almost like Dalhousie didn’t get the memo about the fast pace of modern day life, and that is a totally refreshing change.

There are many hotels in Dalhousie, and some of them are luxurious and five star – ideal for those honeymooners or simply for a totally relaxing break in idyllic surroundings. Don’t worry, if you’re on more of a budget, you’ll find something within your price range too.

Dalhousie sits amongst five important hills, and from that description you should get a good idea of the natural scenery you can enjoy, if you don your walking shoes and head out with your camera.

Getting to Dalhousie

We mentioned that actually getting to your destination can be a long journey, but it is one which will be worth it. Most international flights will head into Delhi, and from there you can take the bus or train. The bus will take you around 12 hours, and the overnight train will take you around 10 hours. If you can find a regional flight from Delhi, the other airports within closer distance are Pathankot, Gaggal, Jammu, and Amritsar. This will cut your bus journey down by around 5 hours or so.

Things to See And Do

We mentioned walking and that’s a definite highlight. Khajjiar is a beautiful valley you can walk through, and the Dainkund Walk is a definite must do if you can, passing by the Dhauladhar Range. Check out Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary if you’re an animal lover, and be sure to check out the busy market near to Subhash Chowk, if you’re a retail therapy fan. The nearby town of Chamba is also worth a visit, with a little more in the way of cafes and restaurants.

The nightlife in Dalhousie is slow and not at all loud, which is ideal for chilling out. You can also take a drink out onto the balcony or patio and check out the very impressive star gazing opportunities.

Put simply, Dalhousie is a destination for rest and relaxation, and if you want to be far away from the crowd, this is somewhere to put on your visit list.

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