How to Use Skyscanner to Find Cheap Flights

I am always asked how I afford to travel, especially how I afford all of the plane tickets! Today, I’m telling you about my favorite flight search tool, Skyscanner. This site has infinite possibilities when it comes to booking flights.

Skyscanner is best used for those who don’t have specific dates or even better specific places to go or leave from. I make a habit of searching skyscanner if not every day, every other day to get an idea of prices and what’s cheap at the moment. This way, when it comes time to look into booking my next trip, I already have an idea of some of the cheapest places to go at that time.

Let me break that down for you, I use Skyscanner to pick where I go not the other way around. It’s pretty easy to find a cheap place to go when you’re going to the cheap place to go!

My favorite function in Skyscanner is the “Everywhere” option.

I can literally plug in From: United States and To: Everywhere and check out where the cheapest places to go to from the US are. This search will even bring up within the US destinations.

You can narrow your search slightly by picking a month or date range to give you a better idea of pricing for a certain time period as well.

For example, if you’re thinking of taking a trip in July but notice that flights are hundreds cheaper or your dream destination is significantly cheaper in August, then you can move your travel plans back a bit.

Tricks to make flights even cheaper

Delete your browser cookies. Although, Skyscanner itself swears that this makes no difference in their prices, it is known to make a difference with direct airline websites. I always double-check prices that I have been quoted by Skyscanner on the direct airline websites as well. Often times, the direct airline has the price cheaper than what is even listed through Skyscanner.

The day you book your flight matters

Research shows that booking a flight on a Tuesday or Thursday often yields the cheapest results. Plan your searches for these times of the week to find the deeper discounts.

Use the calendar or chart options

If you search within a certain month, Skyscanner will search prices for the entire month and bring them up in a nice little organized way for you. It is a great way to see if one week is better than the next or if a certain day of the week is often cheaper.

Most importantly, search your trips in advance and track them for awhile before booking. Prices tend to fluctuate in patterns. By constantly searching Skyscanner you may even find a new destination keeps popping up and getting you more and more interested in booking a flight there instead!

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