How to Pick What To Do in a New City

When planning a trip, it can be daunting to decide where to go and what to do. You could spend a lifetime wandering around Paris or exploring London and still miss out on experiences. A few days is barely enough time to get a taste for a new place so it is hard to decide what to do with your limited time.

It can be daunting to decide what to do, what to see, and when to see it. You can spend days just researching all of your options. Here are a few tips for seeing a new city and what you shouldn’t miss out on no matter where you’re going.

Explore on foot

The best way to get a feel for a new city is to explore on foot. By exploring this way you can wander into neighborhoods that may be unreachable by public transportation. Wandering into city squares that may not be found in the guidebooks or witnessing pieces of the local communities in the middle of their real lives, are experiences you’re not going to forget anytime soon.

Different perspectives are found when wandering around by foot. Sure, everyone goes to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower but the real Paris is in its side streets and quiet alleys. Go explore a new city!

Try something new

Is the city or place you’re visiting known for a type of food or a certain brew? Try the local delicacies to get a feel for the real side of the culture. It’s a great way to meet locals too. Many of the places that will serve these authentic dishes or drinks are going to have locals as well, which is a great place to meet some new friends.

Visit a local market

Markets are a great way to experience a new city. Wandering bustling, tiny alleys filled to the brim with trinkets, house goods, ingredients and meals galore is a great way to experience the local communities of a new city. These are great places to chat with local merchants to find the good restaurants, the local events and things more off the beaten path.

Eat where the locals eat

Skip the recommendations in the guidebooks that you just “have” to visit and wander the side streets for a restaurant bustling with people who look like locals. That is where the good food is. It is your best bet to finding the most authentic food. It’s also a great place to relax for awhile and people watch. You can hear the local language, and watch locals chatting, interacting and meeting up with friends. This local experience is often missed in rushed vacations where people try to see all the tourist attractions at once. Use some of your time to actually get a feel for the local communities of a new city.

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