How to Get to and From the Airport in Paris

Paris can be a challenging destination for first time travelers. Many first time visitors spend too much money on taxis and too much time trying to navigate the city to get to and from the airport, Charles de Gaulle (CDG).

Here is a breakdown of the options that are out there for traveling to and from the airport to or from the city of Paris.

First, make sure to keep in mind what time you are traveling. Some public transportation options have limited time frames and super early morning or late night arrivals or departures may wind up be extremely challenging or expensive. Think about these things before you even book your flight to save some extra cash.


Taxis are an easy and convenient option to get from the airport, CDG, into Paris. There are signs within the airport that will lead you to the location to pick up a taxi and all you need to do is provide them with an address and they will take you where you need to go.

Taxis are significantly expensive and range from 35 euros to 55 euros depending on the location within Paris you’re looking for. They even charge you a euro per bag of luggage.

If you’re traveling during or around rush hour, taxis are probably not going to be the quickest form of transportation for you. Taxis in Paris charge by an algorithm of kilometers driven AND time spent in the cab so they don’t mind sitting in traffic for long periods. A traffic jam could wind up costing you a significant amount.


Although the time table is limited to 5am to 12:30am, the train is the fastest, cheapest and most convenient option if your travel falls within these times. It will take about a half hour and cost you a little over 8 euros to get to and from downtown Paris from CDG.

The only downfall of traveling by train is carting luggage around the train stations. Unfortunately there is a severe lack of escalators and elevators.


The Roissybus and the Air France bus are extremely cost efficient options to get from CDG to downtown. If your hotel is located along one of these routes, it will take around 45 minutes to get to or from the airport and cost less than 10 euros.

You still need to take into thought the traffic factor when considering the bus as an option but unlike taxis the rate doesn’t go up with traffic jams. You don’t need a reservation to use this service, all you need to do is pay the driver when you get on.

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