Fun in The Desert – Welcome to Vegas Baby!

Any first time visitor to Las Vegas needs to know one thing – distance is a serious mirage in this city!

You can easily stand at one end of the Strip, perhaps near the airport if you are staying at the Luxor, for example, and you will gaze in the distance, maybe even from your hotel window – you will see the other end of the Strip, or even just a hotel a few buildings down from you, and you will think that it is an easy stroll.


In terms of mirages, this is the biggest you will come across!

That Strip takes longer to walk down than you will realise, and for that reason you need to think comfort, rather than style!

This slight problem aside, Las Vegas truly is a wonderful destination to visit, whether it’s your first, fifth, or tenth time, and there are always new experiences and attractions to head to. A Vegas show is a production like no other, and finding Vegas show tickets should be high up on your agenda. Of course, you should only ever use reputable sights, such as, or use the hotel Box Office – always avoid ticket touts.

The hotels in Vegas are attractions in their own right, and not just somewhere to sleep. Most large themed hotels have casinos, shops, shows, restaurants, bars, and fantastic facilities in terms of rooms, and it’s really about finding the best deal out there. If you have always dreamed of visiting France, head to the Paris hotel, and if you have always wanted to go to Venice, the Venetian is for you. The Bellagio offers total glitz and glamour, with those iconic fountains of course, whilst Caesar’s Palace and the Luxor take you back in time to ancient Rome and Egypt respectively.

In terms of what to eat, you really can imagine any type of gastronomical delight and then find it when you visit Vegas. A good tip however is to take advantage of breakfast buffets. Not only will you get the choice of some of the most amazing delicacies out there, but you will also be able to fill up for the rest of the day, so you don’t need to refuel until much later on.

All in all, you need to make peace with the fact that your time in Las Vegas is probably going to be very far from relaxing, and you may even feel like you need another holiday afterwards to recover! When you jet back home, look around you at the tired faces in the airport and you will see that Vegas really is a riot in the best possible way!

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