Droid Security & Anti-theft for your Android

If you are like most consumers, then you use your Android device on a daily basis. From smartphones to tablets, Androids are used to check email, chat with friends, access social media and more. You want your device to be protected, so you stay up to date on the latest mobile security and antivirus options available for Android devices. The AVG Android antivirus application is a top choice for Android users as it provides quality security in a number of categories including anti-theft and antivirus.

Top-Rated Security

When it comes to a quality Android virus scan, the best choice is AVG Antivrus. This application starts once downloaded and continues to scan your device 24/7 for unwanted viruses, spyware, malware, applications and more. Your mobile is fully protected as the AVG app scans for threats on a continual basis, taking care of your personal security needs.

With more than 100 million downloads via Google Play, it is clear that AVG is a top choice for Android protection. Users have found the seamless integration into everyday use has provided the ultimate in protection from online threats. Avoid unwanted calls, unsafe settings and apps by using this unique security application.

Avoid Theft/Loss

If you are like most people, then you have lost your smartphone or tablet a time or two. Perhaps you have even had a device stolen. To protect your personal information, AVG has created the ultimate in anti-theft protection. Use another device once your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen and log in to the Anti-Theft website of AVG. from there, you will be able to detect the location of your device via Google Maps. Remotely lock it to protect personal data until you can retrieve the device.

This application is a great choice for any Android user looking for additional protection from viruses and other serious online threats. Download the free version today to see what AVG can provide you.

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