Adelaide Action!

There are many cities in Australia that everyone wants to check out, but most of the time the same ones pop up at the top of the list first – namely, Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, for example. Of course, there are more, and if you don’t check them out then you’re missing out too!

The capital of South Australia is of course Adelaide. This rather remote, yet beautiful city is somewhere you simply have to check out, and if you don’t, your Down Under list is not complete. Packed with beautiful building, architecture, amazing shopping, idyllic beaches, and vibrant nightlife, Adelaide is also famous for having some of the best pavement cafes in the country, ideal for soaking up that Australian sun!

How to get around the city isn’t a major drama, because of the high quality public transport system. If you do want to do something a little more special however, perhaps to top off your break in this beautiful city, how about hiring a limo instead? You could be picked up from Adelaide International Airport and taken to your hotel in true style! If you’re travelling to the city from a long-haul destination, this is a great way to relax en-route too.

Whilst you’re visiting, make sure you venture to Glenelg. This is a beach area of the city which is almost like venturing back in time! The old-fashioned seaside vibe is perfect for family days out, or perhaps a romantic trip out for a couple. You can sit on the promenade and eat ice cream, or head to one of the beachside cafes and catch a tan. In addition to this, make sure you catch the view of the city at night from Montefiore Hill – this is one for the camera, but perhaps a lens will never truly capture the magic that is before you!

Every city has its highlights, but there are some cities which simply get overlooked, because they perhaps aren’t as famous as their ‘neighbours’. It’s often these cities which hold those hidden gems, the things which really make a visit special – does that mean you should overlook the famous cities and venture to the lesser known ones? Well, yes and no, but one thing is for sure, just because someone isn’t as ‘well known’, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your visit list, in fact, that’s all the more reason to head there!

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